Our Story


Beverly Donaldson, a registered nurse, approached her father, Jerry McClain, who was a developer and general contractor with an idea to develop a senior assisted living facility in 1986. At that time many independent apartments for seniors and nursing homes were available, but a setting in which seniors could combine the benefits of both assistance and independence remained uncharted.

Roger McClain, Bev Donaldson, Jerry McClain

Roger McClain, Bev Donaldson, Jerry McClain

The Inn at SharonBrooke was subsequently conceptualized out of the intuition and insight of Bev. Jerry and Bev sought out thoughtful feedback from local seniors and the Inn was constructed in their own hometown, Newark, Ohio. In November 1987, The Inn at SharonBrooke opened and became the first freestanding senior assisted living facility in Ohio. Bev was instrumental in working with the state of Ohio to develop the first regulations for assisted living and today all the Inns continue to work closely with the Ohio Assisted Living Association.

Roger McClain, with over 30 years of experience building custom residential homes, joined his sister and father in 2008. He was instrumental in developing a new facility design which has become their signature look.

Bev (Jamie and Trevor) and Roger’s (Drew and Matt) children are now a part of the development team, sharing three generations of knowledge to the family business. Today this team has developed and opened over 25 facilities, all in Ohio. They are known as the premier senior assisted living residence in the Midwest.